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Posted January 16, 2017:

Augury and Inauguration

 “Augur,” which means “to predict the future based on signs and omens,” is the root word of “inauguration.” What are the signs and omens as Donald Trump is inaugurated this week? What do they augur for the future?

Well, one sign is that Trump did first win the GOP nomination, and then against nearly universal predications to the contrary, did win the general election (well sort of). So writing him off (again) would not seem wise.

But there’s so much that sets the alarm bells screaming. Trump’s crudeness is embarrassing. His lack of discipline is alarming. He self-centeredness is appalling. What does it all “augur” for the future? I don’t know, but it doesn’t look good.

This we can say, just as Trump was a most unorthodox candidate, all the signs indicate he will be a highly unorthodox President. He will not be a politician like any we have known in that office in my lifetime of what is now near the biblical three score and ten.

But that may be why he has gotten as far as he has.

Over at “What’s Tony Thinking?” I link to an article about “Women Who Voted for Trump and Why” from the New York Times. These Trump supporters speak in their own words. One of the things that struck me is that a number of these women who voted for Trump this time around had voted for Obama in the past. What’s the takeaway?

They were looking for change. Something different. Someone different.

So the question now is “what kind of change are we going to get?” Among economists and trend-watchers there is a lot of talk today about “disruption.” Nothing stays established for long.

With Trump we’re in for disruption. Might that have some unforeseen good outcomes from the disruption? It’s possible. Certainly a lot of voters rolled the dice hoping so. But there will be downsides, and unless Trump is a big surprise to me and to many, my hunch the downsides will outweigh the upsides.

Buckle your seats beats, ladies and gentlemen. We’re in for a rough ride and it won’t be pretty.
Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

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