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Fleming Rutledge
author of Understanding the Crucifixion and many others.

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Posted July 24, 2017:

(This is an “archive” edition, from 2015)

The Crucifixion, selected quotes

Over at “What’s Tony Thinking?” I note that I have spent weeks this summer working through Fleming Rutledge’s 700 page magnus opus, “The Crucifixion,” which is to be published this fall. I have reviewed it for The Century. My review that will appear this fall.

Here are a handful of quotes from Rutledge’s fine book, shared to encourage you to order it and read it yourself. It will be published in September by Eerdmans.

“Too often, today’s Christians are lulled into thinking of their own faith as one of the religions, without realizing that the central claim of Christianity is oddly irreligious at its core.”

“Personal engagement with the cross is difficult and painful, but leaders of congregations will have a hole in the center of their ministry without it.”

“Crucifixion as a means of execution in the Roman Empire had as its express purpose the elimination of victims from consideration as members of the human race.”

“Jesus’ situation under the harsh judgment of the Roman Empire was analogous to our situation under Sin . . . thus he entered into our desperate condition.”

“Forgiveness in and of itself is not the essence of Christianity, though many believe it to be so. Forgiveness must be understood in relation to justice if the Christian gospel is to be allowed its full scope.”

“God in Christ on the cross has become one with those who are despised and outcast in the world. No other method of execution that the world has ever known could have established this so conclusively.”

“Sin is not something we commit, it is something we, like Hazel Motes (character in fiction of Flannery O’Connor) are in.”

“The motif of sacrifice and specifically blood sacrifice, is central to the story of salvation through Jesus Christ, and without this theme the Christian proclamation loses much of its power, becoming both theologically and ethically undernourished.”

“Redemption (buying back) is not cheap. In the death of Jesus we see God himself suffering the consequences of Sin.”

“The incarnation itself was widely understood during most of the Christian era to be God’s invasion of Satan’s territory.”  

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