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Addendum to Earlier Blog on “Fires”


I did the painting on the right, thinking of it as a dawn scene with fog lying in the lowlands. But now, after looking at photos from western Oregon and the fires there, it is looking more and more like a scene from the current wildfires.

How harrowing those photos are. Several from Bush Pasture Park a beautiful park in the center of Salem where we spent many happy hours while at college at Willamette. Praying for the folks there.

This painting will appear in an October exhibit at the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture in Joseph, Oregon. That exhibit’s title/ theme is “Hello from Lockdown.” In submitting the painting to the judges I said it wasn’t all that “pandemic-y,” if that’s a word. But it was painted in March and April, at the height of the lockdown. My use of color is bigger and freer than usual for me and may reflect the limited life we were then adjusting to.



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