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Democrats: Round Four


In case you were wondering who is the current “front-runner,” tonight’s debate made it clear: Elizabeth Warren. When Kamala Harris shifted her aim from Biden to Warren, you knew it was true. It was “Let’s all pile on Elizabeth” night. I’d say she weathered it pretty well.

But I’m not sure she answered the question about how she would pay for “Medicare for All.” Or why it is the right move.

Into the gap stepped two of the moderates: Senator Amy Klobuchar and Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Both seemed to grow stronger as the night went on and in this debate. Neither was cowed into saying “me too” on extreme positions. Rather, they were clear that what they were after was alternatives that could actually become reality.

Kamala Harris remains a mystery to me. When called upon, it is as if she is playing coy and hard to get. A curious posture for someone running for office.

She doesn’t answer a question head-on or directly, but figures out some way to go back to her childhood in order to establish her credibility among the downtrodden. I’m not sure anyone is buying that. If it’s not that, it is to remind us that she was a prosecutor. She will need to act more Presidential if she wants to actually become President.

The stage continues to be too crowded, even without big Bill De Blasio. Beto, Julian, Tulsi, Tom — go home, please! Tulsi seems to have found her way into the wrong party’s debates. She is sounding more like a Republican with each new outing. Might Trump bounce Pence for  Tulsi and run on a faux “national unity” ticket?

Sanders — Bernie — is all Bernie all the time. But when you start giving him credit for being there, looking pretty good, for coming out of the hospital, for being coherent (at his age), it sounds like we’re patronizing the old guy, being nice to grandpa, but not expecting him to be the guy.

And Joe. God bless him. He must be related to George W. Bush. The English language is not, apparently, his native tongue. He mangles his words, “eliminating” Roe v. Wade instead of “codifying it.”

Biden showed his real interest and strength on questions about foreign policy. He was definitely exercised, and compelling, on the shameful betrayal of the Kurds. I’ve sent money his way, but my sense is that he will continue his fade.

But for tonight it appears that the left-ward ho march of the Democratic Party is slowing. The centrists, particularly Klobuchar and Buttigieg, had a strong showing. Now, that would be an interesting ticket.


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