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Summer Daze


It was a happy invasion yesterday when children, grandchildren and grand dog arrived. We weren’t certain it would happen, on account of the threats of wildfire smoke, but it turned out to be clear and beautiful.

Here’s photo of granddaughter, Lila, her auntie Laura, and yours truly as we listened to music and danced on the grassy lawn behind the Wallowa Lake Lodge last evening.

Some of you will recall that the Lodge, which like our cabin, dates to the 1920’s, was under threat of being sold and leveled for condo and commercial development six years ago.

Happily, a coalition of local people (us among them) came together to save the Lodge and the 90 acre property surrounding it.

Since then the Nez Perce Fishery has been re-established as a partner on those grounds where the Wallowa River flows into the Lake. Those efforts, and others, are aimed at restoring local salmon runs.

This spring a new porch has been built on the back of the Lodge. Last night it was christened by a two-person local band from the town of Imnaha, “Mountain Moonshine.” A lot of fun. You can see the deck in this photo, crowded with diners and dancers.

Oh, there’s new excitement. A bat has made its appearance in the living room! Usually one or two come down the chimney in the course of a summer. And the neighborhood fox just trotted through on its morning rounds. So much going on. It’s the summer daze.

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