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Yes, I Was Hacked


Dear Friends,

You may have received an email purportedly from me asking you to buy an Amazon gift card or some other form of financial request.

It is not from me. It was bogus. A scam.

My email was hacked. Since then I’ve changed all my passwords and am trying to get the word out as widely as possible.

Some of you did respond to the request and give money. Some have been able to recover that from Amazon. If you aren’t able to get your money back, please let me know and I will make compensate you for your loss.

This all came at an inauspicious time in two ways. One, we were on the road for the entire day yesterday, driving to the Wallowas. We’ve long wanted to be here for a time in the winter. Now we are, but driving through torrential rain in the Cascades and snowy roads in the Blue mountains inhibited my ability to respond as promptly as I would have wished.

Two, we are already all dealing with plenty enough trauma, scams and lies, aren’t we? I’m so sorry.

It seemed ironic that I was hacked shortly after posting my blog, “Was It a ‘Christian’ Insurrection?” in which I looked at the similarities between Hitler and Trump’s efforts to curry favor with Christians and gain their support! I don’t really think there’s an connection between that blog and the hack, but the thought did cross my mind.

At any rate, thanks to the many of you who advised me that I might have been hacked.

Thanks, most of all, for being faithful readers and sharers of my writing. We shall continue.

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