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You Have a Week Off


I’ve been a frequent visitor to your mailbox this past week, with four posts. This frequency for two reasons. One, we’re back in Seattle, which means easier access to the internet. When in Wallowa County getting on-line requires making a trip.

But the second reason you get a respite and won’t be hearing from me for an entire week is that I am going backpacking in the North Central Cascades for the next six days, the area of the Chiwaukum Mountain Range, just to the north of the Enchantments.

If all goes according to plan (how often does that happen?), I will be camped tomorrow evening on the shores of Lake Margaret (see photo). The $64,000 question is, will I be a-swimming in Lake Margaret tomorrow afternoon?

Years ago I read something by the turn-of-the-century French novelist, Andre Gide, saying that one should never encounter a body of water without going in. That seemed like a good idea when I was twenty!

I’ll be traveling with Mike Pierson and his brother, Kit. I’m the oldest in this crowd. Hoping to keep up.

In any event, you have the week off — at least in terms of reading my blog. Enjoy your free time. Happy Labor Day. Happy autumn.

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