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We Made It!


We arrived in Greenville, South Carolina early yesterday afternoon! Mission accomplished . . . well, almost. Today we unload.

Yesterday’s drive started in Lexington, Kentucky. We headed south into Tennessee, then dipped briefly into North Carolina before crossing into South Carolina. So I think we saw parts of sixteen states en route.

For what it’s worth:

Best hotel: Hilton Garden Inn in Laramie, Wyoming.

Best restaurant: Blue Moose in Topeka, Kansas

Best Rest Stops: Kansas

Best Scenery: Subjective of course. I tended to like the big vistas of the west and thought the early part of the route from Ogden Utah into Wyoming quite beautiful. There was also an especially nice stretch from Laramie into Fort Collins, CO., which was about the only time we departed the blue highway interstates.

Best Gas Price: $3.15/ gallon. The further east you went the lower the gas prices.

Highest Speed Limits: 80 in Idaho, Wyoming, Utah.

A lot of the hotel/ motels seemed to be struggling with staffing issues. Daily room service, when you’re staying more than one night, seems a thing of the past. There was a lot of road construction along the way. But I don’t think any of it ever led to traffic being completely stopped. Worst roadways were East St. Louis.

Thanks for making the journey with us, and for your various comments, insights, and corrections along the way.

I fly back west early tomorrow, to Portland. From there I will bus to Hood River, where we left a car with friends. Then back to the Wallowas, which have been beset with several lightning caused fires and heavy smoke. Up until now, September, we had escaped fires and smoke. Linda stays on here for most a week to help Laura integrate her household goods and furniture and make a house a home.

As we move into autumn, all the best to you all! Happy Labor Day!

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